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I am home alone. My husband and the children are gone. They went to a training. I stayed at home to do some ironing and to make sure that as soon as they are home our dinner will be ready. When I don't do that it will be too late for our boys. They really need more sleep than other children, I think. Why is it that as soon as our children stay up a little bit later as usual they have a bad mood the next day and even some days later they still have a bad mood. But ...

Almost done.

The last working hour of today has begun and I really have still a lot of things to do. The day started with a great positive flow and I thought I had loads of time to do everything I would like to do today. But as usual the day past by a lot more faster than I thought and although I did a lot I still have to write something about hurting knees for a customer and there are more things to be done for my work. I think I can do something in the evening when my husband goes ...